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every banjo is a journey

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"People lose their minds when they see this banjo."

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"There are many good open back banjos on the market [names several brands]... I have played a few of these and they are well made, all great instruments. That said, the quality, custom design, custom inlay and voicing and tone of Quail Creek Banjos coupled with A++ service and update photos and videos while the banjo was in production was super fun. The price was less than I expected and more than fair."


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"Can I just say that Lindsay is a genuine artisan and craftsman... if I didn't play banjo, I would still love this instrument just as a piece of art... I can't detect a single blemish, flaw or defect - even down to the precision in his inlay work...It is impossible to find words to describe how great this banjo looks and how nice it sounds. "

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"Fantastic build. Sound is loud and clear. Lindsay is building a great banjo."

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