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Full-size banjos start at $1,800 ("base price").  The base price for the banjo ukulele is $1,200.  The fretless kettle gourd banjo is based on availability, inquire about pricing.

Base prices exclude shipping and case.  Hard case is $150.  I'm willing to ship internationally on a case-by-case basis; but hey, it's expensive.

40% down gets you in the queue. 

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The base price (full size) includes:

- 25.5" scale (other scales available)

- 11" (small upcharge for 12" rim)

- Three-ply laminated rim with rim cap (ebony, if available)

- Wooden dowel stick (may have a ferrule)

- Ebony fingerboard/peghead overlay (Richlite and other woods available)

- Dobson-style heel

- Dobson or rolled brass tone ring

- Brass (aged or not) or nickel hardware

- Straight or S-shaped frailing scoop

- Stained goat skin head

- Gotoh tuners

- Paddle-shaped peghead

- Bone nut (1 5/16" is standard)

- Carbon fiber reinforcement rod

- Brass dot fingermarkers (pearl available on request)

- Fully fretted (gold Evo fretwire) or fretless

- No knot tailpiece (market-based upcharge for Hawktail)

Options available for an upcharge:

- Inlays:  Typically $25/inlay to $100+/inlay.  Must be priced out and based on material availability

- Semi-fretless with brass overlay: Pricing based on material type and cost 

- Woods: Other woods (including figured wood) are available but pricing is based on the design and prevailing market prices

- Head:  Renaissance or Fiberskyn is available, but let's talk about this.  Goat skin is awesome (goats may disagree)

- Peghead:  Other designs (e.g., Cole shaped) available for an upcharge

- Other:  Brass plate acid etching overlay on the peghead and/or frailing scoop; truss rod; railroad spikes; Rickard 10:1 high-ratio tuners

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